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My Skills

As a web developer you need to develop & learn new skills. Developing the web never stops, nor should developing yourself and your skills. Below is some of the skills i have learnt over the years & see as the core of web development. The web is ever growing, so the learning WILL NOT stop there, i'll be pushing myself to the limit to learn as much as possible.


i have worked with & implemented HTML/CSS in to websites, after all it is the foundation on what you build upon. HTML5 & CSS3 is what is now being used to make your websites look more professional.


I have developed websites both standard & ecommerce websites using RedStar Creative in house Content Management System (CMS) which was developed in .NET C#.


Photoshop can be used for anything. I use it heavily to edit images, or slice PSD designs of websites. It is a fantastic software that makes life alot of easier for developers and mainly designers.


Javascript & jQuery will always grow, i've used Javascript & jQuery in many websites developed. It's a must in every website. Knowing & having this skill plays a massive role in web development.


About Me

Based in Oldham, UK, MJCoder believes in delivering excellence every time. MJCoder is a web developer that can offer web development services. From small businesses to larger corporations to charities and individuals that want their own personal site, we can cater for all of your web development needs. Having an Internet presence is becoming increasingly important these days. This means that having a professionally developed and designed website is essential if you want to present your company/charity in a professional light. Whether you are a new business that needs a website, or an existing business that wants to create a multi-channel platform to sell your goods and service. i'm sure we'll be able to help..


Being successful in the online business world does not just end in having a website. Yes, through a website, there are convenient things that you can do with your business.

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MJCoder News

Keep up to date with the going ons in the web development & design world & tech world - MJCoder will strive to bring you up to date articles covering almost anything. So be sure to keep coming back for more.

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Head over and have a look at some feedback left by individuals who I've worked with & have been kind enough to say a few words about moi & the work i carry out.

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