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What will I learn in 2020?

January 22, 2020

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Every year we start the new year feeling very excited and optimistic. Well, I do anyway. It’s important that we set ourselves goals and put those goals into an actionable plan so when it comes to the end of the year we can look back and see how much we have achieved during the year.

Last year was a productive year for me but at times it was hit and miss and it left a feeling that I didn’t achieve what I wanted to during the year. I’m keen on making sure the downfalls during 2019 are not replicated during 2020 and I can end this year stronger than before.

So what will you learn this year?

In the web development world, you need to keep up otherwise you will be left behind. Every day there is something new that is released or some new feature that has been released. It’s a field where there are constant changes. It’s important as a web developer we keep up to date with this as it will aid our development. This brings me on to what I will learn during 2020.

Laravel & VueJS

So last year I started learning Laravel, it’s a brilliant PHP framework that allows you to create basically anything that you want. It’s grown year on year and the PHP community have come to love it. All the fuss over it is valid, I started learning the framework by signing up to Laracasts- the go-to place to learn Laravel. You will be tutored by Jeffrey Way, his teaching skills are brilliant and I can easily follow and keep up. Last year I started building my own CMS platform, it was mainly a blog platform but I started expanding this and decided I wanted to put together a CMS.

This is a great way to learn the core of the framework. I didn’t get to finish the CMS but the blogging functionality was complete. It’s now residing in my GitHub repo waiting to be dusted and shown some love again during 2020. At the time I started learning Laravel it was version 5.7/5.8 - now were up to version 6! So much to keep up to date with!

Once I’ve finished my CMS, I want to then start developing bespoke web applications/websites using Laravel bundled with VueJS. This is going to be the main focal point during 2020 for me.

JavaScript - VueJS, ReactJS, GraphQL

I’ll admit that I am not the strongest when it comes to Javascript, but I am eager to get this nailed into my brain, well not literally but you get the idea, I hope! I’ve purchased the Beginners Javascript course by Wes Bos who is another great tutor in the web development world. I have started this already and I’m slowly improving my knowledge of Javascript and strengthening in the areas where I was lacking. There is no harm in going back for a refresher as you can pick up on aspects that you’ve not come across or didn’t know about. It also gives you a good understanding of how others go about using Javascript.

Once I get Vanilla Javascript under my belt and I’m comfortable in applying this to my work, I’m going to move on to ES6/7/8 and whatever the latest version is at this time. Slowly does it! I’m not rushing into this.

This is also going to be my focal point during the year. Once this has been mastered by creating mini-projects and applying my learning to projects I will move on to VueJS which will make life loads easier for me.

Once I feel that I am comfortable in VueJS the aim is to start looking at React, this has recently grown amongst the community and developers love using this. It feels like it is something that I need to have under my belt if I want to reach the level I want to reach. I want to be able to dive into different frameworks and be able to do development.


I love JAM - not the JAM that you are thinking at the moment, even though I love that JAM. Anyway enough about the JAM, it’s making me feel hungry! I came across the hashtag #JAMstack #JAMuary and wondered what on earth was going on! So I was browsing through the tweets and saw what the fuss was about. I wanted some of that and decided to look at the awesome static tools that developers have put together, from the likes of Hugo, Jekyll, Gatsby, Eleventy!

I needed a blog, I was over on Medium but fell off the blogging chair and never got back on to it. With the paywall debate going on I decided I needed to have my own blog where it allowed me full control of it! This is where I came across Gatsby and Netlify. I’ve used the starter theme for now so I can add some articles and grow my blog before looking at customising the template so I can brand it up to my liking.

I currently work with WordPress so my idea is to have a Headless CMS and I can see that you can use GraphQL to query data from WordPress. This will allow me to create static WordPress sites that are blazing fast for clients. I love speed! I’m so excited about this that I have already started looking into this. The static sites and JAMstack craze will only get stronger. I’m just glad that I have joined that train, you should hop on too!

Let’s get 2020 rolling!

Written by Mohammad Javed who lives and works in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom building useful things. You should follow him on Twitter